Sheer Thong Swimwear

Sheer thong swimwear is one piece of beachwear that you can definitely pull off if you want to feel sexy on the beach. This swimsuit is designed like a thong, which has a bikini top and bottom that offers coverage for the crotch and leaves the buttocks bare, with only a thin piece of string or fabric running between the butt cheeks.

History of the thong

The sheer type is just a variation of the thong, which first came out in the 1970s. Designed by Rudi Gernreich, inventor of the equally-revealing monokini, the thong quickly became popular in the American market partly due to its exotic origins—the suit was supposedly inspired by the traditional body coverings of Amazon women. Gernreich initially came out with three styles for his collection: the tank one piece, the two piece, and the topless style. Now you have various kinds of skimpy items to choose from, from the rio to the tanga to the Brazilian. Despite the names, one thing is sure — you are going to be wearing one skimpy beach outfit. These swimwear are now so popular that in several beaches in Brazil, Italy, France, Greece, Ibiza, and Mallorca, wearing such a sexy apparel is considered an everyday thing on the beach.

Who can wear these provocative pieces

Because of its minimalist style, it is a well-known fact that not all people can pull this kind of swimsuit off, let alone a bathing suit that lets you see everything underneath. This kind of swimwear is best suited for women with toned butts and thighs.  If you regularly work out and are confident about your shapely butt and thighs, then you can get away with wearing beachwear as skimpy as this one.

Beachwear for men

Sheer pieces have always been off limits for men for many, many years. You just did not have enough men who were daring enough to wear something as skimpy as a g-string, let alone one made of transparent fabric to boot.

How times have changed.  Now, various kinds of swimwear, from the casual to the provocative, are now available in men’s versions and men are scooping them up.

One hot trend among sexy, confident males is this type of bottom. It may seem like a stretch but a lot of men also look for that comfy, breezy feeling down there. Men wear these pieces for the same reason as women: they want to feel sexy or they just want to show off ripples of muscle. Some body builders wear semi-transparent thongs during competitions to show off everything that they worked hard for.