Sheer Bikini Swimwear

Sheer bikini swimwear can be bought from specialty stores and even in some department stores. You can also opt to do your shopping online, especially if you are embarrassed about having to ask for sizes for sheer bikinis in the store. However, shopping for swimwear may be harder online, as most retailers only allow a modified return policy for your purchases in case you want to return one. Some retailers offer no return policies at all.

DOs and DON’Ts when buying beachwear online


1. Do know your bikini lingo. Online vendors may use the term sheer swimsuits and see-through swimsuits interchangeably, while some refer to two different kinds of beachwear altogether. Sheer pieces may also be referred to as tan-through swimwear, as most beachwear in these fabrics allow the sun’s rays to pass through, tanning even covered areas.

These bathing suits are made of very thin fabric, with nude- or flesh colored fabric linings to give the swimsuit a see-through illusion. See-through bikinis, on the other hand, have no fabric linings underneath and can be totally transparent when dry or wet. See-through beachwear offer the least degree of coverage, so you have to make sure that you know which of these you are looking for.

2. Do know your body type and cup size. You cannot try a swimsuit on when shopping online but the least you can do is choose a style that fits your body. You can find various resources on how to shop for swimsuits according to your body type online. For example, if you are short-legged, stay away from boy-shorts and go for bottoms with high cuts to expose  more of your legs as much as possible. If you have large breasts, halters can provide you with the most amount of support. Make sure that you know your cup size before choosing beachwear online.

3. Do look at the tag. Most of these beachwear come in 100% cotton, although this tends to sag and fray faster. Most types of bathing suits are often made of blends of cotton and Lycra, Lycra and spandex, or Lycra and nylon.


1. Don’t choose retailers online that sell without return policies. Modified return policies will also do. Online vendors with modified return policies will allow you to return items provided that you choose another bathing suit in its place.

2. Don’t buy anything skimpy online if you want to make sure that the material of the piece you choose is not too thin. The best solution would be to stay away from online stores altogether, since you will never know if a particular bathing suit will turn transparent when wet unless you can see your hand through it.