Micro Sheer Swimwear

Micro sheer swimwear is the ultimate choice in sexy and revealing beach outfits. This design couples the skimpy bikini with sheer fabric, offering the greatest degree of exposure. However, not all semi-transparent pieces need to be small and skimpy. Now, beachwear manufacturers have also created lines of sheer beachwear in bandeau styles, one-pieces, monikinis, halter-top designs, and other styles.

Who wears tiny revealing swimsuits

Sun-worshippers have long loved the freedom that the sheer swimsuit has provided them. You can wear a micro piece if you want tanning without the pesky tan lines. These ultra-revealing pieces of beachwear will allow you to tan without tan lines as the sun’s UV rays easily pass through the fabric.

These swimsuits are also perfect for romantic, private occasions between couples, whether on the beach or in a private pool or Jacuzzi. Because mini bathing suits expose body parts that should be legally remain covered when in a public place, wearing this kind of swimwear in kid-friendly public places may not be a good idea.

Exotic dancers are probably already familiar with the use of sheer clothing items in exotic dance bars and strip clubs.

Another group of people who often wear these type of apparel are female and male bodybuilders. The cut of this design allows more of the body to be exposed for the entire world to see. Such beachwear are often worn by body-building contestants during competitions.

Where to get one

You can get this type of beachwear online or from specialty lingerie or swimwear shops.  Some shops that specialize in selling exotic, sexy clothing for dancers and strippers may also have semi-transparent bikinis in their inventory. Making a purchase online is relatively easy and guarantees you more privacy. However, one drawback is that you will not get to try the bathing suit and problems may arise when you discover that your purchase does not fit you as well as it should. If you want to shop online, look for vendors with guaranteed return policies.

Things to do before slipping on semi-transparent bathing suits

Perhaps the most important thing you can do before slipping on into a pair of skimpy swimwear is to wax your bikini area. Because you will be exposed in most areas that are usually covered, getting a Brazilian wax should be your first priority. Shaving or waxing your legs should follow. Wearing something sexy is best done when you are smooth all over.