Sheer Swimwear

Sheer swimwear is the latest addition to the line of sexy beachwear for both men and women. Sheer beachwear differs from other kinds in that it allows the rays of the sun to pass through the fabrics’ tiny holes, making tanning easier and free from tan-lines. 

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This kind of swimsuit looks like any ordinary piece of swimwear, but they become transparent when wet. You can also find certain styles that only become transparent in the midsection but not on the top or the bottom.

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Style of sheer beachwear

See-through swimwear, also called tan-through pieces, comes in various styles just like any other kind of swimsuit. You have your choice of one-pieces, two-pieces, micro bikinis and even trunks and thongs for men. Most of these are made of Lycra and Spandex, although mesh is also another popular material for tan-through beachwear.

When to wear this type of bathing suits

Wearing this kind of swimming apparel is only appropriate in certain, not all, situations. Because these pieces become transparent, revealing everything that is underneath, wearing this item during wholesome, family affairs is a definite no-no, especially if children are around. Appropriate venues should have a great degree of privacy such as a private sun tanning session by your own pool, in your backyard, in a private Jacuzzi, or in nude, semi-nude, or private beaches.

And because of the degree of exposure that you get from these apparel, only use them when you have sufficient protection from the sun, even in covered areas. Start with an SPF15 and go up from there, especially if you have very fair skin and if you are more prone to burning than tanning.

Where to get one

This swimwear may not be easily available in department stores. You will likely have more luck in specialty underwear and lingerie shops. You can also find various vendors of the tan-through and see thru bikini online just by doing a quick search. Because these are personal items, you may find that some online vendors have a modified return policy or no return policy at all. If you are apprehensive about buying something before trying it on, choose online retailers with no-fuss return policies.

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If you are a guy, you can find a lot of choices in stores that specialize in skimpy bathing apparel. Most sheer beachwear for men are usually meant for exotic dancing and partying, which makes most of these pieces for men look like they are designed for anything other than the beach.